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Faerie DivaBat On The Loose

it's a roller coaster ride in the mind of a dangerous woman

26 September 1985
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It must be admitted that the educated guess reigns supreme in this chapter.

- David Ridgway, "The First Western Greeks"

But it's FANS! And they communicated with the object of their fandom! I mean, come on! How is that NOT wanky?! I mean, it's not like people have been writing their favorite actors and writers and even fictional characters fan letters and even love letters for decades (or even centuries, as I'm sure Shakespeare probably got at least one letter saying the equivalent of 'OMG thy plays are sooooo hawt! U r teh sex as Romeo, verily!').
They need to learn that they are only allowed to worship, from afar, and always, always remembering to be ashamed that they are fans.

- Rann Aridon

Sometimes you get a nutty bat, sometimes you get a working bat, and sometimes you get an elephant.

- possibilities


starchild. faerie. witch. indi-crystal. fame seeker. wannabe. dreamer. webmistress. wordsmith. bookworm. net addict. fan. freak. idealistic. crazy. random. confused. contradictory. senseless. geek. dork. crush(ed). inquisitive. stubborn. lazy. willing. cautious. extrovert. introvert. thinker. loyal. devoted. dedicated. individual. alone.

Faerie DivaBat in transition through life, trying to figure out just how exactly her wings work. Her dwelling is the Internet, her sustenence books and music and the Web, her blood hot chocolate (with marshmallows), her nourishment caresses and care, her spirit words and ideas and dreams. A gypsy in hiding, she casts spells in silence as she constantly moves about, knowing that home is where the heart is and the heart needs to dance to thrive. Would like nothing more than a caravan equipped with wireless internet, a Tablet PC, constant music, fresh reading material, barrels of cocoa powder & marshmallows, plenty of hugs and kisses, and the company of friends and soulmates.


Just hold on
I'll stand beside you
I'll help you carry your load
When you feel sad
Look for the sunshine
Just like a winding road
Words are not the only language
To feel what your eyes have heard
The voice of your heart is speaking
With unspoken words

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Up With People - Join Now!

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